The past few years, I have had the distinct pleasure of coaching and teaching the ins and out of this crazy business. I currently teach improv at Second City and The Annoyance, as well as teach and coach for on-camera out of the Green Room Studio in Chicago. I absolutely love watching individuals grow in their passion and being able to be apart of that growth is an incredible feeling.

Working out of the Green Room Studios means access to incredible space, lighting, sound, camera, and editing equipment. If you have a self-tape audition, I will coach, tape, and edit your audition into an easily downloadable file for submission at $75 for an hour session. I work with people of all ages and experience levels. I have over 15 years of acting and on-camera experience and am especially experienced in comedy, working as a professional comedian in Chicago.

If interested, email me at and we can set up a time!


“10/10 experience working with Rosie! She really cares about each tape you come in with, and doesn’t let you settle. Very helpful with notes and giving adjustments, as well as keeping the sessions lively and fun! She is great to act with, and gives a lot as the reader, for you react off of. HIGHLY recommend her!”

-Jacqueline Scislowski

 “Rosie did a beautiful job working with my son, Declan, on taping sessions. She is patient and fun, and really knows her stuff.  As I am both a theater teacher and fellow coach, I know when I encounter the real deal. Rosie is it!”

-Cynthia Desmond Schliesmann

“Rosie’s attention to detail and specificity as an on-camera acting coach is what took my self-tape from a good audition to an excellent one. She is patient and collaborative to make sure you are creating something that serves the story and also feels personal to you. I would recommend Rosie’s coaching to anyone, from people just entering the world of auditioning to veteran actors who want to create their best work.”

-Mary Tilden

“Came in to tape with Rosie having never met or worked with her before, and left feeling like i had just found Chicago’s go to coach for anything and all thing self-tapes. Not only is she super well-prepared, smart as a whip about the business, and so gifted in comedy, she is also one of the friendliest, kind, and most collaborative human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Booked the industrial I was submitting for because of her. Seriously. GET IN THE ROOM WITH HER!!!”

-Jake Morrissy

“Rosie is a caring and whip smart coach.  She has a great handle on the structure of television scenes and can help mold your performance into something that works well for the watcher and feels good for you.  She gives you guideposts to take with you into the audition room that clue you in right back to where you need to be.  I almost always get a callback after working with Rosie!”

-Libby Conkle

New program!

Wherever you are at in your career, I want to help you get the next level. Whether that means you’re:

I’m offering an hour long career consultation for just $30. In that time, I went to get to know where you’re at currently, and what your future goals are. If you want to use that time to work on an audition, find a monologue or scene, talk through getting an agent, or make a game-plan for next steps, all great. I want to help you in whatever way I can.

If interested, email me at and we can go from there!